Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TV Wall Mounting

Wall mounted TVs look great and it sure clear up space in your home. But to wall mount a TV presents a bit of a challenge. Our advice? Hire a professional. Your TV is sophisticated piece of equipment that requires specialized knowledge to mount. To do it yourself, you’d need to tools and techniques, how to assess the strength of the walls, run cables, and choose the right mount. Professional wall mount TV installers have the knowledge and experience needed to complete the job. Unless you have done this before or happen to have a wall probe, a drill, and wire running tools lying around, you need to call an expert.

Where do you want it?  

Before you call a professional wall mount TV installer, you’ll want to have a sense of where you want to put the TV. You might not want the TV to be the first thing you notice in the room, so think about where it will complement your layout and design without stealing focus from other important things. Be sure to pick a comfortable height for the TV in comparison with your furniture. You’re going to spend a long time looking at it, so put it somewhere comfortable!

You can talk to the wall mount TV installers while deciding on location so that you can take into account the strength of the wall and the location of the TV relative to other devices like speakers. If you work with installers who also do home theatre installations, like Local Bloke Antenna Services in Gold Coast, they’ll be conscientious about making sure that your TV can hook up to all of your other equipment. 

Try not to get too attached to one location, as it may turn out that your wall cannot hold the mounts or support the weight of the television. If you already know the measurements of the TV, this can help you find the right space. Whatever you do, do not put the TV over a fireplace.

Getting a Wall Mount

Really excellent wall mount TV installers will include the mounts in their installation package, allowing you to skip this step. If you already have the TV, or know which one you’re getting, you can look at the types of mounts the manufacturer sells. Some TVs will only attach to wall mounts made by the same manufacturer, so you’ll want to see what your options are. Think about whether you’ll want to tilt the TV or position it at an angle. Make sure that the mounts you purchase are the right size, and can handle the weight of your television. 

Finding a Wall Mount TV Installer on the Gold Coast

Local Bloke Antenna Services has been voted the best TV installers on the Gold Coast, and the government has accredited all of their installers. At Local Bloke, they bring the wall mount so you can be sure you have the perfect one. They’re known for their great customer service, and can help you with any questions you might still have. Their wall mount TV installation service includes digital signal testing, so you can be sure your TV works. They also help set up home theatre systems, so they will be able to make sure everything connects and beautifully conceal the cables. They specialize in mounting Flat Panel TVs and projectors, making them the perfect choice for either job.