Thursday, September 5, 2013

Home Theatre Installation: Your Options

With today’s high definition blue-ray movies, video games and the addition of giant 3D television sets, the digital experience available to you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home has never been better. So what a perfect time have a home theatre installed into your lounge or rumpus room!

Establish Your Budget
Turning the room you have chosen into a home theatre can be relatively simple to achieve, with prices in technology falling all the time, you may be surprised with what you can achieve with even a little budget. For those wishing to create something extraordinarily special, the sky is the limit! Take advantage of fully animated controls, mini fridges and luxurious furniture to make it feel like you’re at the movies.

For those on a more moderate budget, turning a spare room into a home theatre can come in many different forms. You can easily purchase a television system that can be hidden away from view when the room is being used for something else.

Choosing a Television
It goes without saying that a home theatre installation needs a screen to watch your movies on, so you must decide on which sort of viewing experience you want to achieve. Without delving into the technical lingo associated with the numerous types of screens available, there are a few basic things you need to know, not just for the achieving the viewing experience you desire, but also to make good use of space and keep your home theatre installation on budget.
You will want to choose a screen that fits your room, not too overpowering and not too small. Choose a screen size that gives you the optimal viewing distance from your seating arrangements and you will always have a great experience. TVs come in many different forms, but by hanging your TV on the wall, you can achieve optimal viewing distance, as well as giving everyone in the room a clear view.
A HD-experience is a must these days, and with many LCD televisions being available for amazing prices, this is the place to start for those on a budget. LED televisions are a step up in terms of quality, as well as power saving, but are harder to manufacture than LCD TVs and therefore the larger screens cost significantly more.
Plasma screens seemed to have died off a few years ago, but are now making a comeback thanks to advancements in the technology. You may find that Plasma screens are cost-effective, but due to the nature of the system plasma screens use, their lifetime may stop shorter than their LCD and LED rivals.

For a truly stunning experience, many home theatre installations opt for a projector to fill a wall with a stunning image. Projectors have come a long way since the old analogue variants. You can now find many LED projectors on the market for reasonable prices that give you stunning 1080p images and are as crisp and clear as any traditional television set.

The full experience
To get the best out of your home theatre, investing in a decent set of high definition digital surround sound speakers and amplifier will work wonders for that true theatre experience. With literally thousands of amplifiers and speakers on the market, you should choose a system that keeps you on budget, as well as attaining a certain level of audio quality to compliment your screen.