Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 Modern TV Wall Mount System for Flat Panel TVs

We all have TV systems in our home. As the television evolves, the size and shape of modern day television has also changes significantly. It’s a fact that people have a tendency to upgrade their TV frequently nowadays. This is because of the amazing user experience that new TV systems offer.

TV Wall mount system is an equipment commonly used to install Television inside a room. This equipment is an integral part of your TV if you want to hang your TV in the wall. There are many types of TV wall mount systems available in the market. However before buying a particular system one must decide which TV model they are going to go for.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 32"-65" LED LCD Plasma TVs: VideoSecu Articulating

This is a perfect wall mount system for medium sized LCD plasma TV manufactured from heavy steel, it has 25 inches of extended armpits that can easily contain TV screen weighted up to 165lbs.Because of having dual arm design it can be rotated up to 160 degrees. It also has a 15 degree forward and backward tilt. Manufacturers provide 10 ft A37 HDMI Cable as a bonus. Very easy to install and flexible to use it has a gorgeous black colour perfect for home entertainment.

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for 22"-55" LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen

This is another nice wall mount system for medium to large sized LCD TV. It can contain 22 to 37 inch TV nicely. It has 4 mount adapters which is easily removable. The maximum weight load capacity is 88lbs.Like VideoSecu Articulating it also has 15 degree forward and backward tilt. Its 180 degree flexible swivel and 20 inch extension for adjusting TV placement makes it very attractive. Its price range is also very affordable comparing to other wall mount system. Read on to know about the other options you have at hand. The important thing to keep in mind are the significant advantages of wall-mounting your television, which includes reduction of strain on the eyes.

OmniMount Tria 2 Black Shelf Wall System 


Unlike previously described wall mount systems Omni Mount wall system is made for small LCD plasma TVs. It has two glass stands, each of which can contain maximum 30lbs. Tria 2 is a portable two shelf which can be installed easily at home without taking help from anybody. Because of having a clever design all the external wires are hidden in spine shape covers. Its flexible design allows it to be used with or without the flat panel. Its user friendly and attractive size is easily distinguishable from any other wall mount system.

Universal Super Flush Wall Mount: Omni Mount OMF Mounting System Compatible

If you are looking for a wall mount system which is not only strong but also easy to hang in the wall then Universal Super Flush Wall Mount is the right match. This TV system allows maximum 42 inch flat screen TV on a typical wall.You have the flexibility to add or remove studs. Having three steps installation process you can mount anything you need for a flat screen TV with in the load limit.

Cheetah Mounts Two Shelf TV Wall Mount

This is probably the most beautiful wall mount system compared to the previously described systems. It has two 18 X 16 inch large shelf which can be used as an individual mounting system or joined with the other. You have the flexibility of installing plasma TV, Blue ray DVD players, game consoles, satellite receivers, cable boxes or anything similar having a maximum weight of 44lbs.The columns are built with aluminium which makes this system strong. Two shelves are manufactured with high quality steel which holds the TV components firmly. There are two 2.25 in. holes in the stands which allows to hide all the external cables and make the whole system look smart.

As I mentioned earlier that there are a wide range of TV wall mount systems available in the market. Which product is suitable depends the configuration of your TV. So understanding the specification of your TV is the key before you go to buy a TV Wall mount system. Most of the time, it is likely that you can install it by yourself. However if you are in doubt or don’t feel confident then you must take help from professional TV wall mount installation company in Gold Coast.

Image Source: amazon.com