Thursday, August 7, 2014

The function of TV antenna for watching TV program

Although the technology has changed a lot since the discovery of Television, antennas are still essential for the free terrestrial channels.
What we use as Television to view programs is actually a processor of signals collected from the antenna. The job of a TV antenna is to receive a range of frequencies which it supports. The typical frequency which a TV antenna could receive is 41 to 250 MHZ, called a VHF band, and from 470 to 960 MZ, known as the UHF band.

Is it necessary to change the TV antenna when a new technology is used for TV broadcasting? The answer is no! It is the television set which processes the signal from the antenna that need to change. People often get confused about this fact. The TV antenna which you are using for capturing analogue signal will work fine for digital signals if it remains in the same bandwidth. However, if the digital signal is broadcasted in a different range, then a change in the antenna might be required.
 Some antenna manufacturers often use the term “digital TV antenna” or “HD TV antenna”. This is purely a marketing gimmick. We should remember that the TV antenna works with frequency ranges and it has nothing to do with signal type or other technology.

So what type of TV channels can be viewed through the TV antenna signal? Technically, an antenna can capture a supported range of bandwidth. So any channel which is on that bandwidth range can be viewed. However, the free OTA (over the air) channels that transmit within that range are restricted to only a few like ABC, Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10 and a few others. The antenna should be good enough to receive the digital or the HD version of the channels as well.
Installing a TV antenna is easy. When you buy it just make sure you have the installation guide included. By following the few simple steps in the manufacturer guide you can easily install the antenna. There are two types of antennas usually available in the market. One is indoor type which you have to connect in the home with the TV set directly. Another one is outdoor antenna which is installed in roof top of home. This type of antenna installation can be a bit tricky though.

If you are still not sure how to install the antenna then you can go to commercial companies like Antenna Gold Coast who have vast experience in antenna installation in the gold coast area. It’s important that you are spending your valuable money with the company who have the right experience.

Image Source: Wikimedia, google