Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 Modern TV Wall Mount System for Flat Panel TVs

We all have TV systems in our home. As the television evolves, the size and shape of modern day television has also changes significantly. It’s a fact that people have a tendency to upgrade their TV frequently nowadays. This is because of the amazing user experience that new TV systems offer.

TV Wall mount system is an equipment commonly used to install Television inside a room. This equipment is an integral part of your TV if you want to hang your TV in the wall. There are many types of TV wall mount systems available in the market. However before buying a particular system one must decide which TV model they are going to go for.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 32"-65" LED LCD Plasma TVs: VideoSecu Articulating

This is a perfect wall mount system for medium sized LCD plasma TV manufactured from heavy steel, it has 25 inches of extended armpits that can easily contain TV screen weighted up to 165lbs.Because of having dual arm design it can be rotated up to 160 degrees. It also has a 15 degree forward and backward tilt. Manufacturers provide 10 ft A37 HDMI Cable as a bonus. Very easy to install and flexible to use it has a gorgeous black colour perfect for home entertainment.

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for 22"-55" LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen

This is another nice wall mount system for medium to large sized LCD TV. It can contain 22 to 37 inch TV nicely. It has 4 mount adapters which is easily removable. The maximum weight load capacity is 88lbs.Like VideoSecu Articulating it also has 15 degree forward and backward tilt. Its 180 degree flexible swivel and 20 inch extension for adjusting TV placement makes it very attractive. Its price range is also very affordable comparing to other wall mount system. Read on to know about the other options you have at hand. The important thing to keep in mind are the significant advantages of wall-mounting your television, which includes reduction of strain on the eyes.

OmniMount Tria 2 Black Shelf Wall System 


Unlike previously described wall mount systems Omni Mount wall system is made for small LCD plasma TVs. It has two glass stands, each of which can contain maximum 30lbs. Tria 2 is a portable two shelf which can be installed easily at home without taking help from anybody. Because of having a clever design all the external wires are hidden in spine shape covers. Its flexible design allows it to be used with or without the flat panel. Its user friendly and attractive size is easily distinguishable from any other wall mount system.

Universal Super Flush Wall Mount: Omni Mount OMF Mounting System Compatible

If you are looking for a wall mount system which is not only strong but also easy to hang in the wall then Universal Super Flush Wall Mount is the right match. This TV system allows maximum 42 inch flat screen TV on a typical wall.You have the flexibility to add or remove studs. Having three steps installation process you can mount anything you need for a flat screen TV with in the load limit.

Cheetah Mounts Two Shelf TV Wall Mount

This is probably the most beautiful wall mount system compared to the previously described systems. It has two 18 X 16 inch large shelf which can be used as an individual mounting system or joined with the other. You have the flexibility of installing plasma TV, Blue ray DVD players, game consoles, satellite receivers, cable boxes or anything similar having a maximum weight of 44lbs.The columns are built with aluminium which makes this system strong. Two shelves are manufactured with high quality steel which holds the TV components firmly. There are two 2.25 in. holes in the stands which allows to hide all the external cables and make the whole system look smart.

As I mentioned earlier that there are a wide range of TV wall mount systems available in the market. Which product is suitable depends the configuration of your TV. So understanding the specification of your TV is the key before you go to buy a TV Wall mount system. Most of the time, it is likely that you can install it by yourself. However if you are in doubt or don’t feel confident then you must take help from professional TV wall mount installation company in Gold Coast.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

8 Products That Will Enhance Your Home Theatre Gaming Experience

Interested in having the best Home Theatre Gaming Set Up Possible? We’re at a great time in gaming at the moment with billions of dollars in the industry and amazing things happening in terms of graphics, game play and creative ideas. In Australia, more than 95% of household have at least one video game device and the average age of gamers is increasing every year. With more money in the industry, there are also more products that can be used to ensure your gaming experience is the best it can be. Read on and find out our tips.

Importance = 9/10

LCD, plasma or rear projector – which is the best option for your gaming needs? Often it’s the case that certain games need to be played on a quality screen or monitor in order to be enjoyed to their full potential, so make sure if you’re cutting back anywhere, it’s not on your display!
A mounted plasma is an option that is pretty hard to beat. JVC’s line of HD-ILA Rear Projection Televisions are on-point when it comes to picture quality, features and size – all the important things when it comes to gaming. Utilising the micro-display technology, this product provides one of the crispest high resolution images on the market. And at 61 inches, you’re unlikely to miss any of the action playing games on this television.

Sound System
Importance = 7/10

The sound system you have installed can make the action that much more realistic so shouldn’t be underrated. In sporting games, a good surround system will make you feel as if you are sitting there in the stadium. It will also make action and first person shooters all the more thrilling and exciting.

One of our personal favourites is the SBS A550 from Creative but there are plenty of sound system options for the gaming enthusiast.

Importance = 6/10


You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your chair or couch, so you want to ensure you have something that provides comfort and most importantly doesn’t do damage to your back/neck. You also have to think about what is needed for multiplayer action if you have a few mates that want to join you for some gaming. A couch can be handy in this regard, but nothing beats specialised gaming chairs that are available these day. The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 for instance has built in radio wireless receiver and even has 2 speakers and a sub-woofer built in. The design is sleek and it’s also great for non-gaming activities.

Importance = 6/10


Trash talking is an important part of the game if you’re playing online, so a handset becomes a good addition. For single-play, unplugging the surround sound and getting those headphones out can be just as rewarding, depending on what kind of game you’re playing. The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 allows for just that, with a bunch of features including the ability to adjust chat and game volume separately and able to be connected to basically every console.

Importance = 5/10

Clever cabling is crucial when it comes to setting up your gaming area. The cables you use need to support the equipment you have in place. Older cables may not be appropriate for use with your system – it may not support the level of surround sounds or graphics that you’re looking for.
A good option is IBRA’s 1.5m Pro Gold HDM Cable, which can be used on a variety of consoles including PS4, Nintendo Wii U and various others. It provides Full HD 1080p resolution and 7.1 Digital Surround Sound, not to mention it supports all TV’s with 1000Hz rates and higher.
Taking it a step further might mean getting a professional and there are a few home theatre installtion companies in gold coast. This ensures that it will not be visible and allows for a much cleaner home theatre gaming area. 

Importance = 4/10

Every avid gamer knows the horror of having a session cut short due to overheating. Depending on the game being played, it can mean having to replay certain missions or stages which is quite frustrating when you’ve already put the hours in. Nyko’s range of intercoolers can save you the trouble. The PS4 intercooler keeps things cool by blowing the hot air out of the system and keep things in check. It’s even designed to match the PS3!
One of the great things about the Xbox One is that it regulates its heat very well compared to the PS4, but there are intercoolers available for this console if needed.

Importance = 3/10

By no means a must, but specialised controllers be helpful to your game as they can be customised to your personal gaming habits. Perhaps you prefer something a little chunkier to hold on to, or something that is lighter for instance. Controllers come in various designs too!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Facts about Home Theatre Installation

With the age of technology it has become so easy to bring the cinema experience to home. Any entertainment lover today aspires for a Home Theatre System for a larger than life experience of movies, sports and music. A Home Theatre is not just a TV or a TV that just comes with Speakers. It’s a perfectly ‘synched’ system where Audio and Visual comes alive through careful calibration and synchronization with each other.

An enthusiast will probably be able to put together a Home Theatre System using different parts from different brands. Such ‘Hybrid’ systems, if put together perfectly, can give the best possible output. However, it would definitely need a lot of time and effort to learn the best possible combination of components and how to seamlessly sync all the components.

That is why a lot of people depend on Retailers and Brands who sell a Complete Home Theatre System – a system complete with the TV, Speakers, Woofers, Equalizers and DVD Players. These systems can be depended on for perfect synchronization of each component. Actual performance however varies from brand to brand that are spread across the affordability spectrum. People should choose the brand based on the brand’s specialization area. Some brands have better Dolby and DTS capabilities while others excel in the build of the actual TV screen.

One caveat regarding a ‘branded’ system is the flexibility of upgrading. You will need another complete set to upgrade from the existing system. Otherwise you go back to the original method of learning about each component and upgrading different parts from different vendors.

Till now, it is the enthusiast that outnumbers the easy buyers. Most people choose not to buy from a single vendor. Most people put together their own system. Their main motivation? They get to choose components whose performance often outstrips that of a ‘complete’ set and if they can get every component to perfectly work together it becomes their bragging right and their bragging topic for years to come.

However, whether you buy a complete home theatre system from a single vendor or put it together yourself by buying parts from different vendors, installing the system can get quite difficult. Unless you have prior experience, it’s a good idea to call a professional installer. The installation alone might put your system in the danger of damage or lack of synchronization. A professional installer knows the perfect height from floors and perfect distance from walls for speakers and woofers. They can help with the wiring in a way that does not create a mess of the room. Most importantly they take care of your equipment makes sure that the precious system is not damaged in the process of a cumbersome installation. There are professional companies such as Antenna Gold Coast who provides high quality home theatre installation in the Gold Coast area.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The function of TV antenna for watching TV program

Although the technology has changed a lot since the discovery of Television, antennas are still essential for the free terrestrial channels.
What we use as Television to view programs is actually a processor of signals collected from the antenna. The job of a TV antenna is to receive a range of frequencies which it supports. The typical frequency which a TV antenna could receive is 41 to 250 MHZ, called a VHF band, and from 470 to 960 MZ, known as the UHF band.

Is it necessary to change the TV antenna when a new technology is used for TV broadcasting? The answer is no! It is the television set which processes the signal from the antenna that need to change. People often get confused about this fact. The TV antenna which you are using for capturing analogue signal will work fine for digital signals if it remains in the same bandwidth. However, if the digital signal is broadcasted in a different range, then a change in the antenna might be required.
 Some antenna manufacturers often use the term “digital TV antenna” or “HD TV antenna”. This is purely a marketing gimmick. We should remember that the TV antenna works with frequency ranges and it has nothing to do with signal type or other technology.

So what type of TV channels can be viewed through the TV antenna signal? Technically, an antenna can capture a supported range of bandwidth. So any channel which is on that bandwidth range can be viewed. However, the free OTA (over the air) channels that transmit within that range are restricted to only a few like ABC, Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10 and a few others. The antenna should be good enough to receive the digital or the HD version of the channels as well.
Installing a TV antenna is easy. When you buy it just make sure you have the installation guide included. By following the few simple steps in the manufacturer guide you can easily install the antenna. There are two types of antennas usually available in the market. One is indoor type which you have to connect in the home with the TV set directly. Another one is outdoor antenna which is installed in roof top of home. This type of antenna installation can be a bit tricky though.

If you are still not sure how to install the antenna then you can go to commercial companies like Antenna Gold Coast who have vast experience in antenna installation in the gold coast area. It’s important that you are spending your valuable money with the company who have the right experience.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The 5 Simple Benefits of a TV Wall Mount Installation

Over the past 30 years, television screens have been getting bigger and bigger. With this immense growth of the average television set has also seen improvements in quality of picture and the technology used in making the sets themselves. Whilst television screen have become bigger, their overall bulk has gotten smaller, with less than 20cm needed at the rear of the screen to save on space. This has led to many people wishing to mount their televisions on their walls to save on the immense space a giant 60” screen can take up.

Saving space of your living room

TV wall mount installation not only allows you to reclaim a huge section of your living room back from the television, but it also allows you to get a more cinematic sense in your own home. Raising your television off of a lower stand will help improve the way you enjoy your favourite films and allow you to get the best seat in the house, every time.

Everyone gets the best seat in the house

The optimal viewing angle of many flat-screen televisions has been known to be relatively narrow. Raiding your television set higher in your room will allow you to place it anywhere on any wall and allow the whole family to get the best seat. Due to the dot pitch of LCD screens, some colours, luminescence and even contrast can be affected by the angle you view it from, making for a huge distraction when watching a film.

TV wall mount installation will cure this issue by being able to position and tilt your television set to many different angles around your room. These simple attachments are made possible with most modern flat-screen televisions that have the correct attachment screws on the back of the housing. Fixing to your wall can be done in a few simple sets, but many people prefer to hire the services of a professional television engineer to ensure that the television is secured and safe in its new position.

Multiple fixing standards available

If your flat screen television does not have the correct fixings on the rear of the housing, there are a number of other options you can choose from to mount your television on any wall. A professional television engineer will be able to talk you through the different options possible for your specific needs. Many popular alternatives include cradle type fixings that clasp your television securely and allow fixing of the cradle directly to the wall of your choice.

Health benefits

Other than the benefit of being able to enjoy all of your television and films from an improved viewing angle, there are actually health benefits associated with viewing television at an optimum distance. A poorly positioned television will cause neck strain and cramp in circumstances where an extended period of viewing takes place.

Safe, secure and strain-free!

Eye strain also occurs when the television set is either too close or too far away to correctly view. The optimum viewing distance is determined by the fidelity of the image at any given distance. Ideally you should not be close enough to see the individual pixels on the television, as well as being too far away to not be able to detect the crispness of the image.

Providing your tv wall mount installation is done professionally, you will be able to enjoy a safe and secure viewing experience, free of neck pain and eye strain. Not only will your flat screen television be enjoyed by all of the family from any angle, but knowing your expensive television is secured firmly to a wall will also help to deter burglars and thieves wishing to make off with it. Whether you choose a simple cradle, or a motorised locking unit, you can enjoy all of your entertainment with an improved view for those big sports events to come.

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