Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finding the Best Solution to Wall Mount Your Television

With many people investing in expensive home theatre installations, one of the most overlooked features of an all-encompassing audio visual experience is getting the optimal viewing position out of your system. Many popular television stands and mounts are available to choose from, but depending on how your room is arranged, some of these options are not at all useful for many people. With many options available, here are a few simple steps to choosing the perfect tv wall mount installation solution for your viewing pleasure.

Wall mounts are a perfect choice when it comes to saving on space. Not only does it allow other items to be placed where a large and bulky television stand may have sat, but you can also mount your television higher up. Wall mounting a television above a fireplace is a popular addition to many households, creating a smart use of space inside even the cosiest of rooms. Mounting a television higher up also enables restriction-free viewing no matter where in a room you may be seated.

Whilst older wall mounting solutions for larger CRT televisions often employed an articulated arm of sorts to allow repositioning once installed, the newer flat screen televisions allow for flat mounting on a wall. The better wall mounting solutions allow for accurate tilting for your viewing pleasure, meaning that you will have the optimum viewing experience with minimal effort. This is essential when purchasing large screen televisions, to minimise reflection across the screen.

The better wall mounts you can purchase offer you a nifty solution to hide all of the connecting cables neatly away behind the unit. On cheaper systems you may have mounted your television perfectly on the wall of your choice, but still have the unsightly cables hanging down the wall. A professional TV wall mount installation engineer can fit a custom solution that will hide all of the necessary cables away, either by channelling a wall or with the use of a neater trunking to hide the cables.

Wall mounting your television is also a wise choice when it comes to boosting your home theatre installation plans. Not only will you save a small fortune on purchasing an expensive television display stand that has to be made to fit your exact television, you will also have to find another solution to create the necessary space needed for it. All mounting your television takes away all of the extra items needed to house your home theatre system, leaving your room uncluttered.

With many different wall mounts to choose from such as traditional stock mounts, tilting and angled mounts as well as remote controlled mounts that allow for full tilting and repositioning abilities, one of the most important factors is the type of wall you are wishing to mount it to. A professional TV wall mountinstallation engineer will be able to assess the types of walls in your house and offer you a choice of sturdy solutions to hang your television from. Whilst mounting your television yourself sounds simple, it is often best left to the professionals with years of experience to give you peace of mind.
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