Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why do you need a Professional Antenna Installer?

With the advent of digital television, the number of viewers of popular television series has never been greater. More and more Australians are tuning in to their favourite programs with crystal clear images and surround sound-capable systems that surpass the old analogue systems of the past. Figures show that more people are switching from satellite Pay TV to Free-to-view television, with the addition of just an antenna.

Many people who make the switch from Satellite to Free-to-view digital television do so to save money on their monthly bills, and also for the simplicity, it seems of installing a new digital antenna. These antennas are just as troublesome as a satellite dish, and so many people have great issues in installing an antenna without professional help.Some of the issues that arise from a poorly installed or problematic antenna include:

Reception Problems  

 Reception problems tend to be the biggest visual acknowledgement that there is an issue with the installation somewhere down the line. It could be an issue with the antenna itself, a cabling issue, a receiver issue or a simple mis-positioning of the antenna. Reception with digital television is unlike analogue television where interference is shown on the screen; DTTV displays a blank screen, leaving many amateurs scratching their heads.

Equipment positioning is another issue that many amateur installers tend to overlook. It doesn’t just mean repositioning the antenna in a general direction until you see a signal. You may live in an area that is at the intersection of two distinct broadcasting areas, leading to signal bleeding and multiplex doubling on your receiver. A professional antenna installation engineer will be able to see these issues right away, and fix them.

Safety Concerns

Many people take on the installation of their antenna on their own roof themselves, without a thought about the safety aspects involved. The dangers of using a poorly secured ladder around the home is known threat, and increasing your risk of falls is certainly one to avoid. In the US, 43 percent of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder. A professional digital antenna installer will have all of the right equipment to perform an installation safely and securely.

Another problem that may arise if you install an antenna yourself is that you may choose the wrong sort of antenna. There are many different types of antenna available on the market and each has its own purpose and setting. While initially it may be easy to just look at your neighbours and get the same shaped antenna as they have, it is important not overlook the necessity of a wide band antenna, a high gain antenna and the receiving equipment used.

Signal Quality

One of the most important aspects about antenna installation is achieving the best signal quality so you can enjoy watching your television any time and without issue. Many people overlook the use of cables around their home and may not know about the right type of cabling to use indoors and outdoors. High quality copper core coaxial is preferred by the professionals and may not be available to buy at the local store in the correct lengths needed.

Hire a Professional Antenna Installer

Many professionals take care in planning their cable route around the home to make sure that there is no signal drop outs, and that boosters and sockets are used in the correct way to ensure the best possible signal throughout the house. Cabling and distribution is where a smart professional antenna installer will be worth their weight in gold.

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