Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Facts about Home Theatre Installation

With the age of technology it has become so easy to bring the cinema experience to home. Any entertainment lover today aspires for a Home Theatre System for a larger than life experience of movies, sports and music. A Home Theatre is not just a TV or a TV that just comes with Speakers. It’s a perfectly ‘synched’ system where Audio and Visual comes alive through careful calibration and synchronization with each other.

An enthusiast will probably be able to put together a Home Theatre System using different parts from different brands. Such ‘Hybrid’ systems, if put together perfectly, can give the best possible output. However, it would definitely need a lot of time and effort to learn the best possible combination of components and how to seamlessly sync all the components.

That is why a lot of people depend on Retailers and Brands who sell a Complete Home Theatre System – a system complete with the TV, Speakers, Woofers, Equalizers and DVD Players. These systems can be depended on for perfect synchronization of each component. Actual performance however varies from brand to brand that are spread across the affordability spectrum. People should choose the brand based on the brand’s specialization area. Some brands have better Dolby and DTS capabilities while others excel in the build of the actual TV screen.

One caveat regarding a ‘branded’ system is the flexibility of upgrading. You will need another complete set to upgrade from the existing system. Otherwise you go back to the original method of learning about each component and upgrading different parts from different vendors.

Till now, it is the enthusiast that outnumbers the easy buyers. Most people choose not to buy from a single vendor. Most people put together their own system. Their main motivation? They get to choose components whose performance often outstrips that of a ‘complete’ set and if they can get every component to perfectly work together it becomes their bragging right and their bragging topic for years to come.

However, whether you buy a complete home theatre system from a single vendor or put it together yourself by buying parts from different vendors, installing the system can get quite difficult. Unless you have prior experience, it’s a good idea to call a professional installer. The installation alone might put your system in the danger of damage or lack of synchronization. A professional installer knows the perfect height from floors and perfect distance from walls for speakers and woofers. They can help with the wiring in a way that does not create a mess of the room. Most importantly they take care of your equipment makes sure that the precious system is not damaged in the process of a cumbersome installation. There are professional companies such as Antenna Gold Coast who provides high quality home theatre installation in the Gold Coast area.