Monday, August 24, 2015

Best TV Buying Guide form Antenna Gold Coast for 2015

It may seem daunting in the age of revolutionary technology innovations to purchase a modern television. Whether it is a matter of choosing the right size screen for your room, the technical jargon that can seem confusing or the price range of new televisions that has put you off, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With this helpful TV buying guide 2015 Australian online stores seem the best place to start with choosing the perfect television for you and your family.

One of the first things you may be wishing to purchase a new television for is for the latest technology that goes into them. We’ve all heard of HD and HDMI and LCD, LED and Plasma screens by now, but there are a few other innovative technologies that have arrived on the market in recent years to give you the best picture quality possible.

For the average size living room and the average budget, you can’t do any wrong with purchasing a 32 inch LCD HDTV from any number of manufacturers. LCD is a tried and tested technology that lasts a long time and offers stunning images from corner to corner. The price range for this size television is in the budget range as these types of televisions have been popular and mass produced.

Best budget 32” HDTV in 2015

One of the best televisions in this range has to be the Samsung UE32H6400. With its LED 1080P HD resolution you will be stunned by the quality of this tried and tested technology. LED brings improved brightness and contrast ratio over LCD and will offer you the cheaper side of the medium to small size televisions on the market.

Featuring smart apps via Samsung’s app menu, quick access to digital content from Freeview broadcasters, as well as fast Netflix and Amazon Instant adds to the selling points of this fine television.

Whilst 32” televisions are a great addition to many homes, even as second televisions when many more people are opting for something a little more cinematic. Larger screens have become hugely popular due to their improved contrast ratios and with up-scaling abilities; Samsung now says that their 55” televisions are their biggest sellers.

The best value 55” OLED Television

At the top-end of the range you have the stunning LG 55EC9300 which is a 55” OLED curved display that is nothing short of cinematic. The display itself will look better than any LCD or Plasma you will find at this price, and features a decent 1080P resolution screen for watching all of your favourite films and television shows. When it comes to our TV buying guide, this television is really at the heart of the latest technology. It is also one of the thinnest televisions ever produced at just 0.25 inches thick it will look stunning from just about any angle, and features 3D viewing with the addition of two sets of 3D glasses.

Bleeding Edge 4K 3D TVs

With regards to the very latest bleeding edge technology, nothing does it quite as good as the monstrous Toshiba 65L9300U. This 65 inch 4K 3dTV sets the bar high in terms of features and image quality with its Ultra HD image resolution it beats a standard 1080P screen by miles.Featuring active 3D display with the addition of active shutter 3D glasses, the 3D performance is exceptional due to its 4K screen. As most 3D displays use 1080P, some of that resolution is lost as the active 3D removes some of those lines of resolution to add the 3D effect. With the Toshiba, all of those extra lines of detail in the 4K display remove any ghosting or artifacts you may have seen on lower resolution screens.

Being in the high price range, this TV suits the real cinema buffs and television enthusiasts, you may have to save up a while for this one. But when you do, you will be able to enjoy all of your favourite films and TV shows with one of the most stunning displays on the market today.

Future-proof technologies and innovations

Whatever your choice of television, make sure that it has a few features that have become standard over the past decade. HD 1080P is a standard you want to aim for to offer you the best picture quality and 4K screens offer even more quality. Multiple HDMI inputs and outputs are a must in this day and age of multiple DVD players and gaming consoles, too.

Aim for a television size that fits you room well. Don’t go over the top and buy a 65” television for your 10x10 foot room - it will look out of place and dominate the room. Choose a brand that you trust due to purchasing a similar item before. Many brands use the same menu system for a whole range of their televisions, so you won’t be lost or confused when setting the television up or operating it for the duration of use.

Stick to your budget and you will be able to pick up a very decent television for much less money that you would have done even 3 years ago. Technology moves fast, so stick with a brand that offers the latest in technology, so you won’t have to upgrade your television in a year’s time. 

You might already noticed that there are plenty of tv models available in the market and at the end of the its up to the customers  who can decide what is best suited for their need.However, being in the tv wall mount installation job for a long time , we're constantly research for new tv model options - not just because we're interested in the filed, but because developing new idea helps our clients too.